- from an interview with Chicago Farside's Ben Chewning

My name is Ben Chewning. I play for the professional team Chicago Farside.

Reball™ is a great tool to take your paintball game to the next level. I think training with Reball™ should be like a paintball workout, like going to the gym, only with your paintgun in your hand.

Reball™ can provide a good cardio workout with muscle repetition. With Reball™ you can afford to put in the reps you need to be comfortable every time you pick up your gun; you will always be on point and right there.

There are a lot of good drills you can do, and with Reball™ you can drill with the repetition you need for drills to have an effect. For example, with laning drills, say laning you pay $60 for a case of paint. If you stand in the start box, spin and shoot 50 balls a dozen times, that's half the case. With Reball™ you can do that for 45 minutes and shoot the equivalent of three cases of paint, until that first ball is on target every time.

Drills are only effective with repetition. You can't just do a drill once or even a dozen times; you have to do it fifty or more times every practice, over multiple practices. Those sorts of numbers are impossible to do with real paint when you are on a budget.

I have only started playing Reball™ last year and my skills have been enhanced thanks to Reball™. Reball™ has definitely improved my game as far as fundamentals go: snap shooting, running and shooting, laning. It has certainly made me a better player and a lot more dangerous in a gun-battle. Laning and running and shooting are huge parts of a game, and they can turn a game around really quick.

Be sure to mix it up - a drill can be anything that you can practice that could happen in a real game.

Running and shooting off the break is one of the best drills you can do. Take it seriously though - start with your gun back and below your waist. Don't cheat it; it's easy to cheat when you're tired but that's when you need to push it even more. At the end of a seven minute game you won't be able to take the easy way out, and that is when big games are won and lost.

Other drills include laning, spinning and shooting, learning to shoot with your off hand, running and shooting and snap shooting. When you practice snap shooting, be sure to use every bunker you can: stand up cans, lay down cans, bricks, doritos, etc. Practice coming out every which way you can: left, right, over the top, jump shots. Logan Reed and I have been practicing the jump shot a lot. It's an underutilized method, and most people won't ever see it coming.

Good cardio can really make the difference, especially for an X-Ball player. Try running and shooting at poles or paint boxes that are twenty to thirty feet apart, then drop and do five pushups when you get there, then get up, switch hands and run and shoot back to the other pole. Doing this when you are tired will show you how less accurate and less deadly you are at the end of a match. Your arms are tired, your legs are tired, you're breathing heavy and your shot is going to be off. But the more you work at it, the longer you'll be able to go before you start to wear down. It's definitely a workout - you are going to be doing some heavy sweating.

Reball™ is also much cleaner than practicing with real paint. For training it's great - you don't need to clean you gear and you can turn games and drills around much faster. There are cheap imitations out there and they are just that - cheap. Reball™ is what you need to use if you want to get any real practice done. If you're going to use a simulated ball, use Reball™.

Reball™ is the nitty gritty hard work that no one wants to do, but it will separate you from the rest. Reball™ makes the difference. You aren't going to make it to the top without the practice, and this is the most efficient and economic way to do it.

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