Reball™ was developed in Europe as an alternative to paint. We set out to create a ball that you could fire again and again, increasing your ability to practice and decreasing the amount of money you spend doing so. We think that the focus should be your dedication to the sport and how much of your time and yourself you are willing to devote to becoming a better player - not how much money you have.

Reball™ is a brand of Estratego International, www.estratego.com

Money, however, does play a role. So while we're on the subject, let's take a look at just how much can be saved by training with Reball™. Both from a player and field or store owner point of view, economic savvy is key to growth. If you spend less money on your practices as a player, you have more left over for the top gear. If your interests lie in growing of business, Reball™ can help cut down on labor and long periods of non-play, when you would otherwise be cleaning up paint from the last group. And that is how you play smarter.

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